The Masters of Light – The Hungarian Designers You Need to Know

Nowadays, lamps not only illuminate our interiors and exteriors but also go far beyond their original role of providing light. They can play an important part in determining the connection between forms and interiors, and as characteristic design elements, they are able to stand out in any space. 

Light is an important element of our lives, and it has a strong impact on not only our mood but also on the quality of our life and work. Whether it's the light-shadow ratio or the lighting’s colour temperature, we can achieve a wide variety of feelings regarding space with the help of our lamps, so it's worth operating with different light sources in different living spaces.

While professionals prefer warm lighting for relaxation, for studying or work it’s worth using a cold coloured light source. But whatever interior or room we’re thinking of, it’s worthwhile to choose from lamps made by Hungarian designers, as in addition to high quality, you’ll be able to find truly special and unique shapes on offer in their selection.

The Masters of Space

As representatives of functional aesthetics, the lamps of YOZA can be a great addition to minimalist spaces. The elegantly shaped pendant lamps made from metal sheets designed by István Józsa and Daniella Koós can also be characteristic elements of more spacious spaces too. The open lampshades will flood your living room or study with plenty of light.

For lovers of exciting shapes, we recommend the brand UPLUX for lamps designed by Tibor Gungl. The precise work of the designer brings to life the unique, beetle-like lamps made from remaining industrial waste and taking them to almost a luxurious level. Pieces from the collections born in the spirit of sustainability can find a fitting home within the walls of industrial interiors.

Relaxing on the Island of Tranquility

If your yearning for rest and slowing down after a long day of work, any lamp from Viaplant can be a great choice, as they bring the elements of nature close and help you relax with a warm light even after a stressful day. The lighting furniture and lamps dreamt up by Barnabás Szakács are the perfect examples of an environmentally conscious approach thanks to their recycled plant parts.

The lamps of Light Gallery keep in mind younger generations too. The special feature of the lighting sculptures designed by Réka Valkai lies in the way they play with light, which not only amazes adults but also creates a truly magical atmosphere for children. The lamps of Light Gallery fit well in almost all spaces, turning our room into an island of tranquillity.

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