Our Home of Tomorrow

What will our lives be like, and how will we be living in 10 or 20 years time? How about our daily lives and homes, what will they be like? Several possible scenarios have been shown to us by experts from time to time, however, one thing is for certain: this past year has completely turned our lives upside down, and with it both our living spaces and visions for the future. Our homes have become enriched with an array of new dimensions: from yoga classes, to everyday work, to being a classroom, and we have had to find the right spaces to implement these new activities in, alongside their old functions within our living quarters.

In recent years, the closeness of nature, sustainability and digitalisation have become popular key themes in global interior design trends. Also, the current situation demanded our living spaces to be truly transformed into separate little worlds, tuned into being adaptative and multifunctional areas. This has resulted in our homes offering exciting interior design opportunities, besides the challenges they present.

The Power of Green

The UN estimates that by 2050, 68% of the world's nearly 10 billion people will live in cities, and as a result, housing will become an increasingly important issue which will need to be solved. One of the biggest challenges in interior design is how to make our spaces be and feel close to nature and liveable in an urban environment.

Many new concepts can be found in this field: from vertical gardens to lichen walls, as well as biophilic design, which seeks to foster a sense of connection with nature in the modern built environment. In the future, using natural and sustainable materials, as well as recycling and local production will definitely become even more important elements of our daily lives, not only for our mental and physical health, but also for the protection of our planet. Taking these aspects into consideration, it’s worthwhile choosing products offered by domestic manufacturers, not only for the future, but also in the present, for example the clocks and tables from eisenbecks manufaktúra or the lamps of Viaplant also perfectly embody this aim.

Digital Reality

In today’s real estate market "Smart homes" have become an frequently mentioned concept. From lighting to fridges, a smart product alternative can be found for every device, which we can control remotely according to our preferences and needs. However, the key word regarding homes of the future will be automation, helping us to go about our daily tasks seamlessly.

Wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and your favourite music, and leave the house knowing it’s safely locked and alarmed. According to research by the Biberach University of Applied Sciences in London, buildings with automation have 11% lower energy costs than their conventional counterparts, so using them not only saves energy but also protects the environment.

But no matter how smart a home is, we're confident that small, personal touches can bring a mechanical system to life. Passed down from generation to generation, the ceramics of ERROR’N MORE will represent the artistic values of ancient ceramics and preserve the most beautiful family stories.

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