Gift Hungarian Products for Valentine's Day!

This year's Valentine's Day will be somewhat unusual compared to previous years, taking place in safer settings. However, this new situation is a great opportunity to rethink the classic restaurant-cinema-concert-romantic weekend surprise, spiced up with flowers and chocolate - the combination we’re all used to. Instead, why not adapt to the current situation and come up with something super special and creative for one of the most intimate days of the year!

Be Unique and Romantic

February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as simply Valentine's Day, is a day honouring and celebrating romance, love and lovers. There are a number of legends and beliefs surrounding its origin, however, Saint Valentine is considered as the patron saint of lovers, although the Romans love of life and various superstitions and folk customs also left their mark on the day. For example in Hungary, Valentine's Day was celebrated from as early as the Middle Ages and is mostly associated with mating habits, fertility and the anticipation of spring.

Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated differently all around the world. However, one thing hasn’t changed, February 14th is still the perfect occasion to express and live out our emotions, be it in love or friendship. The key to gifting is to put a smile on someone’s face. Whether the surprise is practical or personalized, the emphasis is on making the gifted feel special and loved.

There are plenty of ways to express our love, be it a small act of service or an exclusive souvenir. Give an experience of a lifetime, and surprise your love with the products of contemporary Hungarian designers on Valentine’s day too! In the selection on offer at the Budapest Select Concept Store, you’ll be able to find many romantic surprises ranging from designer clothing to jewellery. If you’d like to stay with the traditional heart motif, choose an ABODI top adorned with a double animal pattern and heart, or the NINI clutch, a red heart bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag too.

For those looking for a more intimate Valentine’s day, we’d recommend Between's lace underwear with the embroidered "You and I" or "Your Eyes" caption, but joy is also guaranteed with Éva Reményi's striking, Archaic hoop earrings. For lovers of design, we would recommend the silk pillows of Luan by Lucia, and for those wanting to gift flower bouquets, the handmade Sun vase from Light Gallery is an excellent gift idea.

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