Design tips for under the Christmas tree

As far as the eye can see, its glittering decorations, ornate gift packages, and bright Christmas chocolates. All signs that point to the fact that Christmas is near. For some, this means long gift lists, others lists of things to get done, but one thing is for certain: everyone is getting ready for the joy of Christmas. However, this year will inevitably be different compared to those of the past. The virus situation has changed the rhythm of everyday life, including the way businesses operate. As a result, this year it may well be even more important than usual to support domestic designers. It’s worthwhile exploring the selection of creations on offer from Hungarian designers, as anything from mugs to furniture can be selected from a vast selection of creative goods for under the tree, which is undoubtedly made from the heart with great expertise for domestic customers. Find out more with our gift tips (not just for collectors) below:

Present ideas for children, under 30 EUR:

You can’t go wrong with a mug from Moringa, especially when children are involved. Reacting to heat, the patterns on the mugs change - enchanting for not only the smaller ones but for grown-ups too! The sleeping kittens are the best companions for a delicious hot chocolate, and they suddenly change positions once - in reaction to the heat - a mouse appears. 

The ideal choice for your girlfriends and trendy little sister, between 30 - 40 EUR:

Feminine features and minimalist features mix perfectly together in the concrete objects of OBAI, which can be a pleasant additional touch to an apartment. The Brutalist collection consists of tea light candle holders that bring a soft festive atmosphere to clean spaces, while the pink bowls with formed with stripes can be a fun addition to an apartment as well.

Tradition and value for parents, between 110 - 166 EUR:

The table lamps of Viaplant, together with the help of special materials the brand has developed, including amber, capture a moment from the life of plants, preserving their colours and characters. With their special light, the lamps of Viaplant add a touch of nature inside the walls of our apartment, which not only pampers our senses but also supports our physical and mental well-being.

If you’re looking for a special gift for your siblings, between 140 - 195 EUR:

With the lamps of Light Gallery, add a magical glow to your everyday life and watch the atmospheric light effects dance on the walls of your home. Each piece has a unique pattern, creating a special, intimate atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to calm down and relax after a long day.

If you’d like to add an exciting touch to your new apartment with your partner, between 166 - 220 EUR:

One of the lovely aspects of the holidays is that there’s more time to spend with our loved ones and also to focus on adding extra touches to our home. If you’d like to spice up your bedroom, while saving space at the same time, the Mybettershelf floating shelf is a perfect choice and can also double as an exciting addition to your bedroom, made from different types of wood and decorated front panels.


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