Earth Day: Be a conscious consumer, buy Hungarian products!

All around the world, a number of awareness-raising, exciting programmes, as well as social and corporate initiatives have taken places to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, with the common goal of building an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. The idea for the initiative taking place on the first day of spring was envisioned by John McConnell at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969, and was launched by American college student Denis Hayes in 1970. In its more than 50 years of existence, a number of laws and petitions have been passed to protect the water and air, and many environmental organizations have been established with millions switching to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The multi-day, in some places a week-long event, now involves 300 million responsible citizens from over 175 countries, with companies, fashion brands, cities, local authorities, educational institutions and environmental organizations working to make the day bigger, better and even more memorable year after year, calling attention to conserving the Earth’s natural resources.

The grand "Who said you can't change the world?" sentence is one of the main mottos of the Earth Day movement, in which Hungary has been participating since 1990. Many responsible, domestic organizations have also joined this year's programme, and a Fashion Revolution Hungary for example, is preparing with a free campaign week. The online event, taking place between April 19-25 will be enriched by roundtable discussions and videos regarding the fashion industry, but will also touch upon the topics of a sustainable wardrobe, the circular economy and the process of Nyitra County turning into a Zero Waste region.

The online Be The Future Workshop of IAESTE Hungary (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) will be held on April 22, entitled The Price of Fashion - Sustainability Challenges in the Light Industry. The presentation will be held by Dr. Lívia Palicska Dr. Kokasné, CEO of Innovatext Zrt. who, in addition to the effects of people’s fashion consumption habits on the Earth, will also be talking about what alternatives can be used to replace certain fashion materials or freshly printed garments.

The first large-scale, self-organized conference of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative will be held between April 22-23, and open to those interested free of charge. As part of the roundtable discussions and presentations at the two-day conference, a number of internationally renowned professionals will explore the future-shaping potential of the initiative at the frontiers of art, design and technology.

The Budapest Select Concept Store offers a number of ethical brands that find it is important to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to keep domestic production in mind. Thankfully, fashion and design fans no longer have to view online stores with a magnifying glass, Hungarian brands are doing as much as they can to preserve our planet.

The trendy hooded top of Zia budapest is made from natural linen in the spirit of awareness. The metal details used in the bathing suits of Pelso Swimwear, named after the Latin name of Lake Balaton, are nickel-free, and the brand’s products are 100% made in Hungary. The hand-woven Remade canvas shorts from ZSIGMOND DORA menswear are dyed with natural plant dye, and each piece has a unique pattern. All the components of the lamps of UPLUX are made from recycled elements, in the spirit of upcycling and in a domestic workshop, so by choosing these pieces, you too can do something against overconsumption. The small pieces of furniture and lamps of the Viaplant brand give new life to residual plant waste and bring in a piece of nature between our walls. Support sustainable fashion and design, and purchase more domestic products!

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