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If we are being truly honest, day to day, many of us have a half-hearted relationship with our timepieces. Each morning when our alarm clock goes off, we’d often wish it was in the corner of a different room, far from us, but before a surprise birthday party we count down the minutes with excitement, checking the second hand almost every moment. At times we want the clock to stop, while other times we want to spin its slow-moving hands. Either way, we can't help the passage of time, but we can choose clocks for our homes that will never go out of style. Since the dawn of interior design, they have been a constant presence in our homes, and our faithful companions. With just 2-3 hands and a dial, they can transform a designer's desk into a spacious playground. So, whether our timepieces are small, round, square or large... there's a huge selection of variations available in the home accessories market. Let's take a look at the latest pieces from the range at Budapest Select Concept Store, which can be your timeless companions for years to come.

Back to the future

In the spirit of sustainability and environmental protection, the eseinbecks manufactory produces its solid wood clocks and furniture using a traditional, ancient Japanese firing technique. The process, called Shou Sugi Ban, is able to preserve wood for at least a hundred years without the usage of any chemicals. For an accessory filled with character, the brand's SHIROI wall clock is a great choice, with its white hands like yin and yang, symbolising the cosmic forces that have existed since ancient times, with the seemingly opposite or contrary forces actually being complementary and interconnected.

Tamed forms

MOHA design dreams up and creates our favourite interior design objects from a unique concrete material. Their passion is to show that a material that seems cold and static at first glance can also be lovable, full of life, and friendly in a tamed form. But it's not just its material that makes their wall clock, the Polygon, special. The surface of the dial is also inspired by a Japanese tradition - origami – and as a result, the time units can be easily read.

Minimalist Perfectionism

The Forms design brand was born out of a collaboration between a product design artist and a product design engineer, and is a flagship of traditional good design. They create high quality, unique and functional furniture that not only has aesthetic value but also takes into account ecological challenges. Their Plane standing pendulum clock is made from Krion, a new generation of acrylic stone material, which in its appearance looks very similar to natural stone. Environmentally friendly and made from 100% recyclable material, the clock has a clean design and is a truly unique, special piece that will attract attention in any interior.

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