Say hello to Spring – Let the sun shine in!

Have you been waiting for the end of winter as long as we have? Spring is the period of renewal. To make sure you also start the season energized, it’s always good to update and edit your apartment with fresh colours.

When it comes to Spring, budding trees, fresh plants and sparkling blue skies come to mind first, and of course the special, unique scent of Spring. So let's enjoy these colours inside our homes too! By adding a few new accessories mixed with some plants, it’s easy to feel their beneficial effects even without a drastic transformation process.

Fresh colours, moments of calmness

The colour blue is perfect for helping you to relax, and feel a sense of peace and calmness. It’s also known as the colour of space, as it magically broadens even the smallest of spaces. Feel free to choose one of Luan by Lucia’s silk pillows a shade of blue and take advantage of colour therapy too!

Furthermore, green is the colour that brings balance and harmony to our everyday lives, so it’s important to welcome the colour with open arms into our current living spaces as well. Green involuntarily attracts attention. As does the UPLUX table lamp, and with its bright color and exciting shape, it’s the best choice for providing you with vitalising energy.

Spring inside and out

Once the atmosphere of Spring has filled your apartment, it’s time for a great walk outdoors. Plenty of wildflowers bloom during this period, but if you can only get to the corner florist, don’t worry, cut tulips will also look wonderful in a Light Gallery vase.

However, if your more find of potted plants, it’s time to make space for your very own oasis indoors. The more adventurous can even create a real hanging garden with Mybettershelf’s floating shelves covered with plants, and in the drawers you can conveniently store all your useful tools, including those necessary for taking care of your plants.

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