Make Your Apartment the Home of Hungarian design!

The Hungarian Furniture Designers You Need to Know

If you’re about to move, begin renovations or start remodelling your home and would like to include some special or valuable pieces of furniture, forget about mass-produced pieces, manufactured on the other side of the world, and instead, get to know domestic designers and their highly skilled creations!

Make way for Hungarian design in your home

Why should you choose a domestic designer or brand? Just like the light and warmth of a fire in a fireplace on an ice-cold winter day, incorporating Hungarian furniture into our interior is what adds a finishing touch and completes our experience at home. These pieces have a heart and soul, which makes not only the time spent alone but also the gatherings of friends and family more valuable. The objects tell the story of long hours spent on the design process and construction work, after which the great idea becomes embodied as part of your apartment, which is then passed on to future generations along with family memories.

Supporting domestic designers and manufacturers with your purchase

Each and every Hungarian product is made from high-quality materials with great care, and purchases can even be considered as investments, however, the importance of sustainability should not be forgotten either. Products are made in Hungary, mostly from domestic raw materials, and as they don’t travel long kilometres from the other side of the world, they don’t pollute the environment with unnecessary harmful substances.

In tune with nature

The Viaplant brand, founded by Barnabás Szakács creates home accessories in the spirit of sustainability using renewable plant parts, bringing a drop of nature into our homes. In addition to the lamps already showcased in our product range, the special, Viaplant material can also be found in furniture form: it can also be part of our apartment in the form of a coffee or bedside table.

Timeless design, geometric accuracy

The precise design work of the brand Yoza is imprinted in all of its furniture, offering a real treat for the lovers of sophisticated minimalism. The brand, founded by István Józsa, together with Daniella Koós, offers timeless pieces with minimalist elegance, that can be easily integrated into various interior styles.

Simple, but great

Less is more, goes the saying, and it seems like the designer of mybettershelf, Gergely Zámbó certainly agrees with the idea. With the brand’s floating shelves, we can easily save space while also creating extra surfaces in the name of minimalism. The result? Being able to put your head down each evening in a light, airy space.

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