The Simplest Way To Minimize Mess and Elevate Your Storage

As we enter the colder months, creating a comforting and inspiring space has never felt so important. The impact of an organized space on our wellbeing has become undeniable, especially post-lockdown.

This is where decluttering comes into the equation: floating shelves are a great way to minimize mess and elevate storage space - letting you refresh the look of your living room or bedroom as well as clearing out the backlog of thoughts. It is less about being a minimalist and more about surrounding yourself with pieces that bring joy - in a way that lets you take control of your home.

Here, we introduce mybettershelf’s clever storage solutions to foster a sense of calm and harmony in your living space.

Catching the attention with its sleek, contemporary design, the brand’s wood shelves can be spotted in more than 300 bedrooms across the globe. The designers’ love of woodwork is best expressed in their fine shelving that balances sophistication with functionality.

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Each floating shelf comes with a drawer that allows you to keep your essentials hidden while also serving as a stylish way to display your objets d’art - whether it’s sentimental trinkets, designer vases, or books. From the entryway to the bedroom, the brand’s floating shelves maximize storage in even the smallest of spaces. You can also install adjacent, identical floating shelves for lightweight, long-span shelving to boot.


The pieces ripple out to affect absolutely everything else in your home: there will be no hard-to-reach spots, you will gain precious floor space as well as beautiful displays that will refresh your space. The minimalist mybettershelf shelves limit distractions around you so that you can focus on living a purposeful life.

Made-to-order, mybettershelf’s floating shelves can be customized upon request.

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