Decorate your flat for the winter with the help of Hungarian designers

As Christmas approaches, and we walk down the streets in increasingly cold weather, we are met with an array of ornate window displays glowing in festive light, which not only dress our souls in celebration but also inspire us to make our homes even more cosy and atmospheric. This is the time for conversation, daydreaming, slowing down and self-reflection. Moringa’s lovely mugs can be our trusted companions on cold winter mornings. The same way a good coffee transforms and prepares us for a long day ahead, so do the lovely figures on the mugs of Moringa, each telling its own story in a unique way.

If we can, this is the time of the year where we should surround ourselves with objects that give us a helping hand to recharge, relax and immerse ourselves in peace, and to help us rest and regenerate from the fatigue of the year behind us, so we can be closer to ourselves. Holistic home accessories from the Luan by Lucia brand are perfect in supporting us to reach this state of mind. Each of their silk pillows builds on the wonderful effects of colour therapy. By adding colours that create serenity and help to recharge, such as green, blue or pink, we can create both festive and cozy interiors in our home simultaneously, which can have a soothing effect on both our eyes and soul.

An addition of one or more such characteristic accessories will bring even the simplest environment to life and enrich it with a flood of light. But even those who prefer minimalist shapes can enjoy the atmosphere of winter in their homes, and a good choice to support this is the Oritable coffee table designed by Yoza, which in white, evokes snow-capped mountain peaks. Its metal base is also perfect for storing our favourite Christmas cake recipe books, adding a little festive cheer to our living room.

However, if we crave for real brilliance, the brand can create a personalised coffee table in any colour, be it a festive golden yellow or more subdued silver. Metals also have a strong presence in this year’s trends, so in reality, no wrong decision can be made even when contemplating cool white shades.

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