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Every sustainable product has a story to tell: the story of a direction within reach for conscious thinking.

Slowly but surely, as the cool Autumn evenings grow longer, we try to smuggle in as much warmth and light into our homes as possible. The more time we spend in a built environment, the more important it is not to break away from nature and incorporate elements of it into our spaces.

The lamps of Viaplant offer a great opportunity for this, which are a momentary imprint of the nature that surrounds us. What for others is simply waste from gardening, for Viaplant it adds up to mysteriously translucent panels that their products are made from, capturing the indentation of plants. As the designers put it: tradition and heritage are the elements bonded to plants.

An increasing number of studies confirm that the proximity of nature has a number of positive effects on people’s mental and physical well-being. The Viaplant brand builds on the harmony that flows from the closeness of nature, and after a long process of experimentation, the Viaplant material was born - which also serves as the brand’s name. The product consists of raw materials made from plant parts that when collected, don’t cause ecological strain or damage, as the panels are made up of plant waste and invasive species – quickly spreading plants that prevent flooding.

Thankfully, responsible material usage is turning into an increasingly dominant trend among design brands too. More and more designers around the world consider it important to place the protection of our planet at the forefront of their work. By reusing waste materials, from easily biodegradable materials or natural-based adhesives to environmentally friendly surface treatment materials, there are now many opportunities for designers to produce environmentally responsible products.

However, it’s not just the quality of raw materials that plays a decisive part in responsible thinking. Supply chains are also an important element of eco-conscious manufacturing - and in many cases are still neglected. The product’s components often arrive from thousands of kilometres away, leaving a significant carbon footprint. Fortunately, more and more Hungarian designers are recognizing the dangers involved in this, and therefore the plant parts used by Viaplant also come from domestic sources, be it waste leftover from maintaining urban green spaces or mown grass on a sports field.

Reuse and a sustainable approach can take place in several forms, and even in lighting design. The link between creativity and responsibility is also strengthened by the lamps of Uplux, which in the spirit of upcycling, revives various wastes with a technical twist. Through the process of upcycling, waste is given new functionality and value-added devices are created with minimal intervention, so we are now faced with an even more environmentally conscious solution than recycling.

During production, Uplux provides a number new functions to industrial waste, for example giving completely unusable bicycle parts and glass a number of new, advanced technological solutions, with the end result of creating lamps with a high aesthetic value.

While the environmentally-conscious handling of scrap metal is a continuously regenerating source of material, surprisingly, glass bottles have a strong impact on the environment due to their vulnerability, non-degradable material and energy-intensive recycling process. So, if these materials and waste get a new lease of life as part of a design object, already a lot is being done to protect our Earth. Uplux’s colourful lampshades not only have a good impact on our environment, but they can also be the prized possessions of our home, giving warmth and adding excitement to any interior. Each product is unique and individual, made from quality raw materials, with careful and meticulous workmanship.

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