Fragile traditions and playful lines - the work of three exciting designers

Thanks to the rise of handcrafted home accessories and slow design, we can start to see a growth of talented ceramicists in Hungary too. As well as high-end dining ceramics, designers are also creating a selection of impressive decorative objects making our homes feel more special, filled with life and also becoming our everyday companions. We've taken a closer look at the latest ceramics and porcelain products from the Budapest Select Concept Store to introduce you to their creators.

The game of chance

In recent years, the domestic gastronomy scene has gone through a big transformation, and this has also had a major impact on the objects associated with it. As a result, many contemporary designers have immersed themselves in the world of making ceramics suitable for everyday use. Ádám Csaba Szabó, designer of the ERROR N' MORE brand, works within the intersection of gastronomy at its best, art and design, and his creations are welcomed at the tables of a selection of fine dining restaurants. Whether you're at Mák Bistro, the Kreinbacher Estate or Onyx, you won’t be able to miss his unique serving dishes. With his products, let that be a bowl or a mug, Adam plays, discovers and connects. Tradition, innovation and unpredictability go hand in hand in his works.

We all need a bit of fun!

The products of the SOUTERRAIN brand are made up of vases, mugs and candle holders, as well as playfully shaped ceramics that complement our living spaces to create a unique atmosphere. Designed by Réka Móré, these functional and decorative pieces add some spice to our homes and also bring a smile to our faces. Their message is the same: only place objects into your home that have a meaning to you and that truly brighten up your day. The fun, often naïve ceramics instantly bring liveliness and motion into any interior, and SOUTERRAIN’s striped mirrors promise to make getting ready in the morning a real treat!

Sensory illusions

The main characteristics of the products of Balazs Botos Design are simplicity, curvaceous, "happy shapes", "Nordic design" and pure, simple, often pastel colours. Among the selection of porcelain designed and made by Balázs, you can find jewellery pieces as well as home furnishings. He also states that the dissonance of material and form is a characteristic of his works, which comes from the hardness and rigidity of porcelain and the silky feel of the objects themselves. His work is characterised by constant experimentation and the astonishment of onlookers: transforming rigid porcelain into soft doughnut-shaped rings.

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