Just-in: Hungarian Beauty Brands To Add To Your Routine

Taking nature’s best ingredients and a sustainable approach to skincare, Hungarian beauty brands have just landed at Budapest Select Concept Store. The wide range of products includes everything from resurfacing AHA serums to scalp-soothing shampoos, so that you can greet a radiant complexion and luminous locks this summer. Here are the investment-worthy products to try now and keep in your beauty rotation...

Andrea Gere Skin Care

Coming from one of Hungary’s most prestigious winemaker families, Andrea Gere ventured into beauty, sourcing precious blue grapes from her family’s organically cultivated vineyards. Andrea worked with Hungarian dermatologist Dr. Rita Sinka-Pálinkás for three years before creating the Gere family’s first-ever beauty line. Aptly titled ‘GrapeLove,’ the high-quality, effective formulas contain the family’s own organic grape seed extracts and regenerative grape stem cells. Jam-packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, the products will leave your skin youthful and silky smooth.

Editor’s Pick:

Tap into the power of grape seed for a gentle exfoliation:

Grapelove - Release The Past - Gentle Cleansing And Exfoliating Cream, 17.900Ft

PANDHY’S beautique

Good skin in a bottle, PANDHY’S’ philosophy focuses on hydration and care for the whole body, a mission to “treat the skin of your whole body with the same love, respect, and attention that you treat your face.” Founded in 2004 by the economist-turned-beauty entrepreneur, Gertrud Borbíró, PANDHY’S started with a single product - a depilatory sugar paste that shot to stardom. Today, the brand boasts several product lines, designed to be used on both face and body with ecology and practicality in mind.

Editor’s Pick:

For those struggling with inflammation, acne, eczema, or rosacea, PANDHY’S soothing skincare kit will calm redness and provide a deep healing and skin renewal.

Zen Facial Kit, 18.810Ft


Personalized, natural and clinically proven, Harangvölgyi’s innovative formulas slow down the skin’s ageing processes and reveal a youthful-looking complexion. Merging nature with science, the brand also operates a salon in Budapest for an even more personalized experience and potent results.

Editor’s Pick:

A do-it-all eye cream. The lightweight water-in-oil emulsion contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, caffeine and Vitamins A, E, and C in order to replenish the delicate eye area, boost hydration, combat dark circles and improve wrinkles.

HV Eye Care Day, 10.500Ft


Founded in 2015 by Edina Budai, SOINS uses unique water-based formulas free of artificial and harmful substances. Having struggled with skin irritation herself, Edina set out to create a beauty line with effective solutions to various skin problems, using only natural ingredients. The result? Feel-good products that will leave your skin clear, nourished and pampered.

Editor’s Pick:

Rich in Vitamin C, this apricot scented facial spray will re-energize your skin while binding free-radicals and preventing pigmentation. Spritz anytime during the day for a quick pick-me-up.

“Map” Vitamin C Facial Spray With Mallow And Oligo Hyaluronic Acid, 6.290Ft

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