In focus: Elysian

Boglárka Bódis is the designer of the Elysian brand.

Budapest Select Concept Store celebrates the 9th anniversary of the brand, Elysian. Read our interview with the designer!

How was the idea of the brand born?

I have worked as an economist for several years, but I have always been very interested in fashion.

During a trip to Paris, I decided to go back to school and learn the art of fashion design.

In 2012, I started my brand Elysian and then we opened our atelier, with which we wanted to bring the world of old salons back to Budapest. Initially, we made clothes only on request, but since joining HFDA’s mentoring program in 2018, we have been making ready-to-wear pieces, of course, in the spirit of Elysian.

Where does the name “Elysian” come from?

Elysium is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained by some Greek religious and philosophical sects and cults. Elysian Fields, or "fields of the happiness", is a place of harmony, peace, outer and inner beauty, perfection. I wanted to express these values with my brand as well.

What inspires you in everyday life as well as in the design process?

Most of all, I can recharge myself through travel, when I see diverse cultures and the history of different countries. It's always nice to come home with these impulses and start a new chapter with these new memories. Helps me build it into the designing process of a new collection.

Every season, every new collection is a story, a chapter in Elysian’s book.

What is the story behind the fall-winter collection?

Our Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the cycle of life, nature’s amazing ability for continuous rebirth.

What is the must-have piece of the season?

I would recommend our leaf-printed and hand-pleated pieces that are Elysian’s trademark to those who would bring the power of nature into this fall season.

What advice do you have for those who wear Elysian?

I design my clothes in a way that highlights the unique features and personality of the wearer.

Every Elysian dress has a little surprise that can only be seen in movement. Because as a woman, we need a little secrecy.

Last week, at the Budapest Central European Fashion Week you presented your next spring/summer collection. It must have been a very powerful and emotional moment for you and your team.

We were very excited because after 2 years we were able to take the runway again with our newest collection. There was a lot of positive energy that flowed towards us, we got a lot of help and support.


Our goal was to bring the stars down from the sky with our collection. A Radnóti poem inspired our entire 2022 spring/summer collection:

"Are you cold? Wait, I'll cover you with the sky, bouquet of embroidered stars on your hair, and I will breathe a moon over your eyes. "

Miklós Radnóti: A Love Poem on Candlemas


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