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Self-taught fashion designer Péter Merő launched his namesake label, MERO, in 2014 - with his twin sister Bianka Merő. Rising to the global fashion scene, MERO was soon spotted at the Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, the Berlinale, and Los Angeles Film Festival.

The label’s success stems from Péter’s theatrical past that defines its aesthetics to date. The designer lived in Berlin for ten years, working as a ballet dancer at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, the largest and most modern show palace in Europe. According to the designer, it was in the sewing room where “the dream of the MERO brand began.”

Having steered away from trends, Péter and Bianka are more focused on the individual, “the MERO woman loves and respects her body, the same way she cares for her environment, and therefore her goal is not showing off, but to express.” Linking their expertly crafted garments to idiosyncratic self-expression caused the label to develop an international following, too.

The designer duo is dedicated to creating classic, timeless pieces “with a splash of theatre added in.” Synonymous with craftsmanship, MERO offers made-to-measure pieces hallmarking not only the versatility of the brand but its technical know-how.

Meticulous processes, luxurious materials, and emphasized waists are distinctive features of the brand that designs for “liberated and playful women who are self-aware and confident.”


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