The Beauty Shelf: Fruit-infused skincare

Acne-prone or dull skin? Tap into the power of fruit-infused skincare. With more and more brands adding fruit extracts into their formulas, the colorful ingredient lists provide impressive benefits. Below, we’re sharing the fruity buys from Hungarian powerhouses for a radiant and glowing complexion.

SOINS, Apple Stem Cell Liposoman Day Cream

Apple stem cells are known to prevent premature aging as well as to drastically improve existing fine lines and wrinkles. Blended with rare Swiss apple stem cells, SOINS’ day cream instantly firms and rejuvenates. As incredibly potent antioxidants, apple extracts also protect against environmental aggressors while calming inflammation and promoting overall healthy skin. Due to the cream’s Vitamin A content, avoid direct sunlight for 3-4 hours after application.

PANDHY’S, Dew Tonic

A glow-giving mist that hydrates and calms the skin with orange, pineapple, and ginger extracts for a fresh, dewy canvas. Zesty cucumber helps to de-puff the under-eye area, while pineapple extracts reduce redness. The fine face mist also locks in makeup to ensure it lasts all day.


PANDHY’S AHA Cocktail employs potent fruit enzymes to brighten and refine skin texture. Glycolic, lactic, mandelic, and citric acids work together to reduce redness and combat blackheads, revealing a more even skin that is less prone to breakouts. Apply 5-10 drops on cleansed skin and let it fully absorb before applying your face cream.


Enriched with herbal extracts, PANDHY’S toning water stars apple cider vinegar to brighten and tone. ACV balances the skin’s microbiome and restores the skin’s pH balance levels. The antioxidant-rich solution soothes irritation, regulates sebum production, and protects skin from free radicals, gradually improving skin texture. You can also use the toner as a refreshing face mist.

PANDHY’S Peeling Powder

Papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes banish surface dullness as they lift away dead skin cells for a smooth and radiant skin texture. The intense peeling and purifying powder can be used on both face and body.

Andrea Gere Skincare, Grapelove - Embrace The Future - Advanced Anti-aging Rich Cream

Sourcing precious blue grapes from her family’s organically cultivated vineyards, Andrea Gere’s luxurious cream packs Vitamins A, C, E, and F to revitalize skin. Organic grapeseed oil and blue grape stem cells strengthen blood vessels and enhance skin elasticity while driving moisture deep into the skin.

Andrea Gere Skincare, Grapelove - Feel Timeless - Active Repairing Serum

A wonder serum that awakens the complexion with Gere’s family’s own organic grape seed oil and regenerative grape stem cells. Concocted with amino acids and peptides, the Active Repairing Serum regenerates skin cells and boosts collagen production for youthful, radiant, and silky smooth skin.

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