Women’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on 8th March, a day dedicated to celebrating and paying tribute to women. This day of recognition and appreciation has been celebrated by the United Nations worldwide since 1917, and in Hungary since 1948. It’s also a day of remembrance - of the day when forty thousand women working in the textile and clothing industry went on strike for equal pay and reduced working hours in New York, to demonstrate equality and free employment for women. On the occasion of International Women's Day 2021, the European Parliament is paying tribute to all the women working on the front lines or who have been affected by the pandemic.

This year's Women's Day, unlike previous years, will be held differently, in safer settings. However, this day can still be a great opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, and instead of taking part in classic Women’s Day programmes, you can recharge yourself with experiences that will be great to think back on the following months.

After the growing number of online workshops and meetings held at work, and as a result of limited entertainment opportunities, feel free to be open to conscious development. Take some time out for yourself, feel special, and practise self-love with a pampering session! Similarly, you can recharge with exercise and sports, spend your „me time” learning a new language and reading, or why not introduce yourself to knitting and sewing techniques that have become fashionable once again during the quarantine.

It’s not only the soul that can be part of our self-awareness development, but also our body, so go ahead and embark on changing your hair colour, learning new makeup tricks, or updating your wardrobe! Thanks to the collections available at Budapest Select Concept Store, you can create the perfect Women's Day with versatile, memorable pieces of clothing and accessories, from everyday t-shirts to designer bags.

The floral details playfully displayed on the collar of Maison Marquise’s blazer, with the fantasy name ‘Home Office’, to the flower-embroidered small bag of Virág Kerényi, both have subtle elements of romance. Another Spring classic is the floral skirt. For lovers of stronger motifs, we highly recommend the A-line styles of Viktória Varga, as well as Abodi's pink t-shirt portraying a winged cheetah, and for those who love to move, Artista’s ‘Eden’ printed leggings are the perfect choice for Women’s Day celebrations.

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