Introducing The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends

This year's fashion week season officially kicked off with the Milan and Paris shows presenting the AW 2021 men's collections, which unlike in previous years, did not take place in their usual form.

The shows, held both in digital and hybrid form, have overall benefited shows on a global scale, as fashion houses were excellent at sensing the connection between fashion and digital solutions, and as a result, spectacular art installations have also appeared on the catwalks of shows sans audiences. According to fashion editors, it is likely that one or two of these creative solutions will stay with us even after the coronavirus epidemic.

Designers showcasing their creations in the Italian and French fashion capitals enjoyed pairing together pieces, that did not necessarily match, however in many cases, the end results defined an era. In our compilation below, we’ll show you the basic pieces that will play a major role in men’s fashion in the second half of the year!

Bright Colours, Innovative Patterns

While designers showcasing in Milan were more pragmatic regarding future trends, in Paris, it was the complete opposite. However, the use of a strong and bright colour palette could be found in both cities, including at Fendi, Prada, Dior, and JW. Anderson, where according to them, men can spend the winter in stunning pale pink, canary yellow, eggplant purple, or orange trousers, jackets and sweaters. Similarly, the designers also placed great emphasis on a variety of prints, with geometric and surreal motifs at the forefront, in addition to classic paisley, checkered, striped and animal print designs. There is no shortage of colours and exciting prints in the selection on offer for the season at the Budapest Select Concept Store, such as the WHYOYS shirt made from yellow ochre, organic cotton, or the uniquely patterned unisex kimono from DÜSK.

Wide Leg & Loose-fit Trousers, Modern Forms

Tight trousers have been officially replaced by loose-fitting or oversized trousers with pockets reminiscent of workwear pants. The extreme wide-leg trousers can be found mostly in black, blue, beige, light brown, white, gray, or brown shades, with a high waist, and a drawstring solution on the runways of Hermés, Y/Project, and Undercover, among others. Find your very own piece at the Budapest Select Concept Store, where similar, trendy loose-fitting cotton trousers are already available, such as the drawstring, loose-fitting cotton piece from DÜSK, or Dora Zsigmond's trousers made from crepe de chine material.

Classic Coats & Knitted Jumpers

The closeness of nature and natural elements can also be found in this year’s trends, as well as the positive symbolism of colours. Fashion houses such as Missoni, Brioni or one of the biggest surprises of the season - Wooyoungmi - will carry on keeping the evergreen storm jacket, puffer jacket and elegant, business-looking wool coats in fashion next year too, besides robe-like pieces, and the big comeback of the season will be the bomber, and the favourite of the nineties, the slip-on windbreaker.

On the sweater front, oversized, colourful, knitted pieces with a message, and cheerful patterns will define the season, as well as hooded streetwear and turtlenecks. Similar pieces can also be found at the Budapest Select Concept Store, such as Cukovy's coats with their super fashionable snap off sleeves and Dora Zsigmond's quilted, loose jacket, as well as The Four’s hooded jumper.

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