Trendy Biking Outfits That Actually Look Good

In the past few years, the fashion industry has found a new target audience in the a cycling community. Furthermore, cyclists have begun to incorporate current fashion trends into their sets. The popular sport, besides many positive health and ecological effects, has a countless number of stylish clothing options, from jackets to playful accessories.

With the arrival of Spring, the cycling season has begun, which means that we can start to discover the city by cycling and wander around it’s iconic buildings, beautiful parks, popular restaurants and museums, whilst envisioning the moment when we can finally visit our favorite places in person. You can even take your bike on a ride to any nearby river or lake or just to have a picnic outdoors.

According to fashion critics, the hype surrounding bicycle mania won’t slacken in the first half of 2021. What is more, bicycles can not only be seen as an equipment for transportation but also as a statement accessory that allows you to dress up creatively. Practical, yet pretty cycling sets can also be found in the collections of Hungarian designers through Budapest Select Concept Store’s website.

The knotted, animal and plant printed overalls from Aeron, for example, are not only practical for cycling, but can easily be worn to any other programmes. Wearing it with sneakers it becomes more sporty, meanwhile cominbining it with sandals it’s more elegant.

Ever since cycling has turned into a lifestyle and not just a sport, the number of cyclists in skirts - and sometimes even in stilettos – have definitely increased. Every biker girl knows it’s all about the length of the skirt that counts: it can’t be too short or too long. A practical idea might be is to sew a snap fastener to the inside of the skirt or to fasten it with a safety pin in the middle. Inspired by Hungarian archaic peasant culture, Dóra Zsigmond's trouser-skirt is the perfect urban cycling wear: the upper layers of the garment are closed with a press stud, and the underlayer has pockets for practicality.

Cycling pants from the ’90s are also back in trend, to make the outfit truly modern this season, pair it with a loose top, blazer and a belt bag. Cycling pants combined with the Lisethebrand shoulder padded blazer can divert attention away from the sporty aesthetic. To become even more trendy, combine the outfit with THEFOUR, leather backpack equipped with a zipper and side pocket.

This season, SustiKKrisztA was in an experimental spirit this season too whilst designing her new collection. The designer, who likes futuristic effects, mainly uses impregnated materials combined with a cotton inner layer. As a result, you won’t be surprised by a sudden spring shower in her water-repellent hooded jacket.

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