Colours of the Year 2021

The Pantone Color Institute, which became famous for developing colour-coding systems, has been announcing the selected color of the following season each December, for almost 20 years, as a trend forecast that has a big impact on home decor, fashion, and applied arts. Colours are also decisive in design and packaging design, and by responding to current global social and environmental issues, it expresses people's needs and formulates guidelines.

This year's colours have come in pairs, something which has only happened once before in 2016. This year, the colours of the year have been chosen as the illuminating bright and cheerful yellow, and it’s opposite, the ultimate grey, aligning the message of 2021: the duality of strength and hope that everyone is in much need of in these uncertain times.

The fantasy names of the colours, Illuminating sunny yellow, and the grey dubbed as Ultimate Grey have a strong interplay between them, which was also highlighted by Pantone in a statement they released. The pursuit of balance, security, and peace is what brought grey to life as it quietly assures, encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness and resilience, a foundation on which we can build safely. The vibrant and sunny yellow is the colour of hope that fills us with energy to start the new year and face the challenges that lie ahead with strength and positivity.

According to experts, we don’t necessarily have to pair Illuminating and Ultimate Grey in equal proportions, as the two colours can provide varied combinations to make us feel upbeat and optimistic. Check out our webshop to see how Hungarian designers have incorporated the most defining shades of 2021 into their collections and choose the pieces that fit your style the best, be it a new clothing item or a home accessory!

If we want to enjoy the atmosphere and effects of the Pantone colours of this year in our home, there’s no need to repaint the whole apartment, it’s better to do a little search among the products of Hungarian designers. This way, not only can we own quality and timeless pieces, but we can also help domestic businesses stay afloat in the current difficult market conditions.

If you want to enhance a positive atmosphere in your environment, Light Gallery’s Ginko Moon ceramic light sculpture can be a great choice to bring to life the Pantone yellow rays of sun, and the sculpture’s golden leaves appear as a symbol of unification in the Far East.

If you feel the need for a stable point in these uncertain times, a product from OBAI could be a perfect choice. The brand’s home accessories are made of concrete, and with their clean shapes and natural shades of grey, they not only add this year's trend colour to interiors but can also spice up a variety of spaces thanks to their timeless and stable presence.

The fashion selection also features vibrant shades of sunny yellow and grey, which suggest stability and practicality. Kriszta Sustik, known for her simple, clean lines and exciting use of materials, representing streetwear style, designed the NNASH grey collection and also created the NATI100%PUREIDEA oversized shopper bag in grey. Alma Vetlényi created her overalls from natural materials with a zero-waste tailoring process, while the organic clothes and knitted slim fit dresses of WYHOYS are also available in yellow this season.

Once we’ve chosen the right accessories and garments, all that’s left to do, is to enjoy the blessings of the effects colours have on us and accept Pantone’s advice for the New Year: move forward calmly and wisely, be open to the possibilities that life gives you, and accept any difficulties you might face cheerfully with confidence.

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