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We are proud to announce the launch of Hungary’s most wide-scale webshop featuring contemporary designers, now open to those interested in the distinctive world of Hungarian design and the latest seasonal pieces. The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency created the Budapest Select umbrella brand based on international best practice, in order to make Hungarian products identify easier, with the aim of helping talented domestic designers gain more attention through e-commerce in both domestic and international markets through strong and unified communication while retaining their own unique qualities and brand identity. Choose between the collections of an array of talented Hungarian designers at the Budapest Select Store, with designer pieces continuously presented in the form of trend recommendations and various creative content on the blog’s interface and on the official social media pages of the web store. We hope that the carefully curated product range will allow you to enjoy your shopping experience and can also serve as an outlet for self-expression. Sign up for our newsletter and find out about all our latest news first hand. Follow the Budapest Select Store blog for freshly updated posts and be part of the community of Hungarian fashion and design fans.


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