The Future of E-commerce

The year 2020 has fundamentally changed our lifestyles, work culture and consumer habits. As a year of constant change, it has almost completely revolutionized retail and e-commerce, which as a result have gained unprecedented momentum. The virus situation has opened the door to new demands, especially in the field of digital solutions. Experts predict online fashion and apparel sales could reach a revenue of $713 billion and will be up by more than 10% next year. This extraordinary growth can be attributed to the increasingly popular mobile purchases and applications. Understandably, the most forward-looking webshops have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, such as addressing Generation Z, bringing new market demands and expectations.

When The Customer is priority

The good news for consumers is that future trends are increasingly determined by consumer needs. Fashion companies are now flexible and adapting to 21st-century expectations, expanding their selection with personalized offers and interactive options. Several brands have already experimented with augmented reality, mostly in the areas of home decor and beauty. However, a variety of body scanner solutions that complement virtual fitting rooms are emerging — as companies hope for better customer service. Applications not only provide customers with more precise information about the selected garment but also provide the brands with useful information regarding the needs and sizes of their target audience.

Sustainability, Originality

Digital consumers also have higher expectations of fashion brands, with more and more online stores placing emphasis on quality, sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions. The Budapest Select Concept Store has similar views, and it’s important for us to strive for an ethical and circular economy. The products of Hungarian brands are worth discovering and include an array of pieces created in an environmentally conscious mindset.

Ethical and Chic

The Budapest Select Concept Store also offers ethically manufactured products, for example, the Abodi crocodile patterned shirt is made from certified, vegan leather, free of PVC and other harmful chemicals. The lace masks of Sentiments are made from 100% cotton, which supports sustainability, as the masks are made from materials leftover from previous collections of the brand’s eveningwear. As well as a selection of ZIA’s limited-edition bags which are also made from leftover materials. The metal parts that can be found in Pelso's swimwear are nickel-free, and Dóra Zsigmond's purple-black jacket is made out of water-repellent recycled polyester. The inner lining of the jacket is made via innovative technology from recycled feather lining.

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