The timeless little black dress can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe, in at least one or two, if not more styles. The secret of the piece with a thousand faces is that it fits perfectly on almost all body types and everyone can find a piece closest to their own style, be it casual, business or for weekend entertainment, the little black dress rarely lets its wearer down.

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the little black dress is now considered as a staple piece globally. It has gone through many changes over the past decades, becoming popular among Hollywood actresses, punks, supermodels and, in the 21st century, among influencers and celebrities. With a constant presence on red carpet events, its popularity is due to the fact that it can be worn and combined in a million different ways, fitting with almost everything, from stilettos to thigh high boots to pearl necklaces, or even a motorcycle jacket.

Thanks to the designers, we weren’t left without any black dresses this season either, and based on the collections of Hungarian brands, everyone can find a dress that suits them best. This year, almost all types of black dresses are in style, be it lacy, tulle, sequined, leather-like, velvet, with a décolleté, high-necked, or even a little crazy adorned with feathers and ruffles. Get ready for the festive season and get the coolest little black dress of the year on the Budapest Select page!

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