Anna Dello Russo & Zsófia Bata-Jakab opened the Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit

This year, the opportunity to view the Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit, one of the most important fashion industry conferences in the region, was open to everyone between 30 November and 1 December, free of charge. At the professional event, the audience was informed first-hand about the most pressing issues in the fashion industry, such as sustainability, digitalization and innovative business models from world-renowned speakers.

The Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit consisted of four main and one regional topic: the first roundtable discussion focused on how the Coronavirus pandemic is forcing the fashion industry towards a sustainable future, and what brands can do to support ethical supply chains. The second part focused on the business aspects of fashion, such as the present and future of digital fashion week, changed marketing strategies used by brands due to COVID-19 and how technology is changing the creative industry. The third panel discussed questions regarding changing consumer habits, the future of fashion education, and the relationship between Generation Z and fashion. The final, fourth part, was built around global change and crisis management, with the fashion revolution and transparency being discussed.

The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency considers it important to cooperate, communicate and exchange information with regional industry professionals, and to ensure this, the conference ended with a regional panel discussion, where guests discussed the summit’s main topics based on their regional situation. The star guest of the event was Anna Dello Russo, Creative Director of Vogue Japan and Ambassador of Istituto Marangoni, however, special speakers also included Luceny Fofana, Marketing Director of US Burberry, and Stefan Siegel, Founder of Not Just a Label. The conversations will be available to view on the HFDA’s official YouTube channel.

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