The twenty domestic and four international designers showcasing their works both offline and online at the 360 ​​Design exhibition were met with great success! The exhibition was organised by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency between 8-10 October, during Budapest Design Week.

Those interested were able to view not only the world-class works of the designers on the spot but also via the event’s website, where they had the opportunity to take part in a virtual tour among the 3D objects. This duality gave the event its “phygital” character, which based on international trends, was able to offer a wide scale and safe presentation of talent even in the midst of the virus situation. The exhibition is still viewable on the event’s website in the form of a virtual tour.

Focusing on the role of design in everyday life, the following designers and brands are exhibited at 360 ​​Design Budapest: Adamlamp, Codolagni, Error n'more, Hannabi, Sára Kele, KOMONKA, Ábel Lakatos, LumoConcept, Ádám Miklósi, Oleant, Paper Up, Planbureau, Plydesign, Position Collective, RAWfiction, Anna Regős, Sixay, Socowoo, Studio Nomad and Fanni Ungár.

“We want to bring the world of Hungarian design closer to people with the 360 ​​Design Budapest programme series, to help them understand design and contribute to the formation of a more conscious layer of consumers. Our goal is to provide intensive visibility for domestic and regional designers. We are proud that we have been able to give the event a regional character, thanks to which we are one step closer to Hungary being the design centre of the region” - stated Zsófia Bata-Jakab, CEO of HFDA.

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